Timm Cleasby

4 Days in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam. PT 1 1

I’m writing about our trip to Vietnam in a couple of posts… here’s PT1. Hope you enjoy. Sunday the 15th we arrived in Ho Chi Minh City at Tan Son Nhat International Airport, the immigration process was painless as we had already got visas thanks to our TM (Sam), you can get visas on arrival but […]

Vietnam we are here!

We are here and I am happy, we spent so much time traveling (about 15 HOURS!) We spent about 3 hours driving to london to get to gatwick airport.Then another like 12 on the plane and when we go to vietnam about 25 minutes to get from the airport to the hotel. This is me […]

Up… 2

Our flight was fine, pretty uneventful just as you want a flight to be really, Thom felt a bit nervous and sick but he braved it out and was fine once we were in the air. As we were travelling along I had plenty of time to reflect on what we were doing and how […]


So the day is upon us… at 4am tomorrow we shall set off on our adventure, we head to gatwick for a 12.30 flight and 12 hours after that at 7am local time we’ll arrive in Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam. To say we’re all a little excited is an understatement. The kids all […]

Hi, I’m Timm 1

Hi I’m Timm and I’m the Dad… I’m 1,314,979,268 seconds old and counting. I run our business (TPF) with the lady wife and I’m the one usually behind the camera. Like Photography A Bloody good moustache Tech (I’m a geek) Being outside Music BBQ’s Walks with my family Lola (Our dog) All our pets Reading Golf […]