India 2016

At the end of 2016 a large group of our family embarked on a trip to India to grant Sam’s grandfather (Big Pops / Jumbo / Herbert) his wish to have his ashes spread at the football ground where he played professionally in Mizoram in north east India.

Starting from Heathrow we flew to New Delhi where we met up with Maureen (Not Maureen Mo Mo) Sam’s cousin? (Sam may have to clarify the relationship) and her friend Rakesh. They showed around Delhi and took us to some amazing places including Agra to see the Taj Mahal. We had a few brilliant days with them, they were so lovely taking time off work to show us round and making sure we went everywhere we wanted and more.

From Delhi we took a flight to Goa for a bit of a relaxing Holiday within the holiday, Out hotel was right on the beach and was a fab place to stay with a great pool. We had a couple of days out for shopping and to visit a spice farm and ride / get splashed by Elephants. The rest of the time was relaxing by the pool / on the beach and eating the amazing food that India offers. We all loved the street food that we found and it’s certainly the best way to eat like the locals.

After our week of relaxing we headed back to Delhi to get our flight to Mizoram, it’s 2 flights from Delhi swapping planes in Kolkata. The flight takes you right past the himalayas which gave us some breathtaking views of the mountain range (I know we will have seen Everest but I’ve no idea which it is in the photos), It was a great real geography lesson for Charlie too as they were doing about how rivers form from mountains.

Upon landing in Aizawl we were greeted by Sam’s family, A LOT of Sam’s family… Sam’s Nan and Pops are very respected in Aizawl and everyone of the family and their friends wanted to look after us and get to know us. They brought a massive convoy of Jeeps to transfer us to the town and the drive was incredible and a bit of a shock. The town is built in the hills and as such most of the houses that line the roads are built on stilts. There had also been a land slide which was again shocking as we had to cross the site where it had happened.

We had a few days planned in Aizawl and they were brilliant, we all loved being there with the family and making new friends and getting to know everyone. They had planned lot’s of events and get togethers for us which included a Football match to honour Big Pops and a big family meal where a pig had been killed especially for the occasion. I had wanted to visit where Sam’s family was from since we first met and I knew it would be a fantastic experience and I wanted to meet here family and see the place they were from. It really was amazing to be there and to be there for such a special occasion. It was sad and times as we were there to say so long to pops but it was also happy, funny, inspiring and so much more too. The trip and meeting our Mizo family was something all of us will never forget and I hope that the pics below help us with that.

WARNING – There are A LOT of pics… Around 700 so make a brew and take a while to enjoy India as viewed from my view finder

Much Love