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Sydney is famous for its NYE celebrations and as we spent it here I know it was expected that we would go and see the Sydney Harbour Bridge fireworks but we didn’t! Here’s the thing about NYE in Sydney, over 1 million people attend the event on the day making getting into and out of the city a bloody nightmare!!! We were umming and ahhing right till the last minute whether we should go but with four kids in tow we made the decision not to go.

Instead we went to Forty Baskets beach a beautiful, quiet bay that sits opposite Manly Harbour. Manly have their own New Year’s Eve fireworks so it was a perfect spot.

We pitched up in the day time with a big picnic and a drop of bubbly to welcome in the new year and met up with a few families who are friends of Lisa and Andy, the kids spent their time swimming , playing on the park and climbing the rockpools whilst we sunbathed, relaxed and had a super chilled out day!






As evening approached we waited for the 9pm fireworks, the kids sat on the beach with their new friends whilst the adults raised a toast to the (almost ) new year.






After the fireworks we gathered our things and walked back to Lisa and Andy’s home, about a 10 minute walk. Then we popped a cork and chilled out at home, watching the Sydney show on tv from the comfort of our sofas! I’m glad we did as all the kids were fast asleep by 10pm!


I know it seems almost a waste to have travelled so far and not have seen the fireworks first hand but as parents you have to do what’s best for the family and trekking four kids through a million people all trying to get home afterwards just wasn’t best for us.

We had the best nye, it was relaxed, chilled out and family orientated. The kids had an amazing time and the most important thing of all was that we spent it with our family.

Sam x.

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