Vietnam we are here!

We are here and I am happy, we spent so much time traveling (about 15 HOURS!) We spent about 3 hours driving to london to get to gatwick airport.Then another like 12 on the plane and when we go to vietnam about 25 minutes to get from the airport to the hotel. This is me […]

st christophers medal and traveling with kids

St Christopher

St Christopher is the patron saint of travellers and for christmas my uncle john sent me a St Christophers medal to protect me on our travels. When we are on the plane the necklace will keep everyone safe even though Im the only one wearing it. Its got really pretty patterns on it and is […]

Hi I’m Ellie

Hey i am Ellie i am 10 and i am the middle child. I go to clubs like film club and Drama. I also enjoy Scouts another club and going swimming I like playing with my friends like Robyn and Ella. My favourite ¬†food is spaghetti. I love watching I carly,Doctor Who,Sherlock,the mighty boosh and […]

ellie clesby