Hi I’m Ellie

ellie clesby

ellie cleasby

Hey i am Ellie i am 10 and i am the middle child. I go to clubs like film club and Drama. I also enjoy Scouts another club and going swimming

I like playing with my friends like Robyn and Ella. My favourite  food is spaghetti. I love watching I carly,Doctor Who,Sherlock,the mighty boosh and the I.T crowd.I also love reading books like any Jackquline wilson ones,diary of a wimpy kids and the hunger games.

ellie clesby

I dislike people who are mean to me,my family or my friends.

The thing I am looking forward to is seeing aunty lisa,uncle andy and grace (my little sis).I am also looking forward to is going somewhere different(like Ho Chi Minh City-in Vietnam).

I am so exited because We are going on saturday. Its so close to the time now.I hope it is amazing. Can’t wait.:)


love Ellie x

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