Hi I’m Thom

Thom Cleasby

Hi Im Thom…

Thom Cleasby


I’m 8 and Im the youngest child and i have a lot of hobbies like cubs and swimming.

i like a lot of stuff, Ill only tell you a few.  Chocolate, playing outside, reading, board games, adventures and climbing trees especially going out with my friends.

I dislike dark chocolate, getting hurt, people who are bullies and bystanders.

Im most looking forward to seeing my cousin Grace, Aunty Lisa and Uncle Andy and eating new foods in Vietnam. The best thing that Im looking forward to is going on the beach.

Im worried that we might fall out of a boat in Vietnam because dad said we are going on a boat trip.

Thom Cleasby


Im really excited about going to Vietnam and Australia.  Maybe I will learn something new.

Love Thom x

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