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We went to the zoo yesterday!

Hello! I thought I’d write about our trip to the zoo yesterday as I didn’t do one then, so this is me writing about the zoo!

We walked from our hotel in Hồ Chí Minh and spent a while getting to the end of this big wall, thinking the entrance to the zoo must have been there, it wasn’t! We walked back again and eventually got there. The first animal we saw was a giraffe, and I wanted to relive my childhood by getting on its head, and rising up while singing the 64 Zoo Lane theme. I didn’t, but that didn’t stop me doing it on a T-Rex!20131217-183820.jpg

64, 64, 64 Zoo Lane!

Then we went to see the elephants, we were shocked because they were going mad from having not enough water, it was really sad and I started to think about the English homework I have, to research animal care in zoo’s.

Anyway, we saw some monkeys, they were just like you imagine them, and they actually started climbing up a banana tree!


This didn’t happen at the zoo, but it fits in anyway

After this, we went to a restaurant called Huang Lai and had noodles, chicken and spring rolls, and Thom finally got the hang of  chopsticks, or should I say, the Huang of chopsticks? xD

That’s it for the zoo, thanks for reading!




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